Ibis Revises the Ripley and Ripmo, Refreshes Brand Identity

Ibis Revises the Ripley and Ripmo, Refreshes Brand Identity

The Ibis Ripmo and Ripley are getting a slight refresh, but before you go selling off your current Ibis frames for the latest and greatest, hold on a second. These updates, like the recent Santa Cruz Tallboy updates, are pretty nominal.

The latest Ripmo and Ripley will get a new swingarm built around a Universal Derailleur Hanger for the best possible compatibility in the future, and this moves the bike to a 55mm chainline. The bikes also get new frame protection and upgraded clevis bushings.

Why the 55mm chainline over the 52mm chainline? Ibis says this allows for a wider and stiffer chainstay. The clevis pivot bushings will have more consistent sealing to keep muck out of the bearings. Because these are new parts incorporated into the new stays, they aren’t backwards compatible.

A bold new two tone paint job for the Ripmo

On the chainstay, the derailleur cable exit port has been moved to the top of the stay for better heel clearance, and Ibis says this improves the shifting feel.

The new chainstay protector has thick, raised sections to dampen chain slap noise and it wraps around and under the chainstay and protects from heel rub. A former polycarbonate downtube protector has been replaced with a thick rubber guard with a larger surface area and better impact protection.

Ibis embraces the Ibis

Along with these frame updates, Ibis has a new look, embracing the long-legged wetland bird.

“When founder Scot Nicol was naming his newly hatched bicycle company in 1981, he decided to evoke the thrill of flight by choosing a bird,” said Ibis in a press release. “He liked that birds are light and can fly, which are both positive traits to associate with a bicycle. Strong, elegant, and fast, our new identity instantly evokes the connection between the bird and the brand.”

The oval logo we’re all familiar with was created in 1993, which came before the Ibis website in 1997. These were the days of round, skinny steel tubing and 26″ wheels. The new identity, says Ibis, signals pride in their design, and the stability, and modernity in their frames.

“Since our humble beginnings, this blend of craft, elegance, and irreverence has been a mainstay of the Ibis ethos. Our new brand identity reflects this past, while welcoming a whole new era of riders to the flock.”

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